Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Victim of a Hate Crime!

Well last week was a real bitch… “The Beast” (my Excursion) was broken into while having lunch with a client at Café Adobe in the Woodlands (Shenandoah actually). The Cock-suckers took 4 briefcases, 3 laptops, and my beloved little point and shoot camera… my Fuji S5000, along with all the accoutrements that I carry around. I feel violated! They must HATE me to steal my little Fuji. Thank god I didn’t have my Fuji S3 Pro digital SLR I would be up on the Shenandoah water tower about now!

Not to mention that the Shenandoah Police department is the Texas equivalent of Mayberry. The “Barney Fife” policeman actually made us fill-out our own burglary report! He also made us fill-out a request to have the DA prosecute [if] they recovered anything. Look, I like and respect cops (I was a cop in a past life – but that’s another story) but for Christ’s sake don’t act as if you don’t have time to do your job. The bottom line is.. Shenandoah really didn’t want us to report the crime because at over $8000.00 it would impact their crime statistics for this year. This little bedroom community, surrounded on all sides by the Woodlands prides itself on being virtually crime free. Well not in 2006 Sheriff Andy Taylor… and I doubt in other years as well, if you try to talk people out of filling a report.

Well enough on that rant…. So anyway, I went out Saturday and bought a new point & shoot camera. I went with the Fuji S9000, which has been touted as a SLR killer. It’s the big brother of the S5000 (now S5200) and seems to have a lot of expanded manual features. I got it for $615 at Micro-Center and that’s a pretty good price for over the counter retail. But I remain convinced, if anyone is looking for a GREAT point and shoot, 6 megpix camera, with full manual control, and an outstanding Auto Mode…. You can’t beat the Fuji S5200. I have recommended it to a dozen people and they all love it!

I’m gonna have to play with the new S9000 some before I can recommend it. Anyway it’s Tuesday and I’m still trying to get my digital life back online. New laptop, new briefcase, new day-timer, etc…. God this sucks!

But her are a few clicks… I will be uploading a Gallery with just S9000 shots soon.