Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China: "

Hong Kong, China

May 2009

Hong Kong was a good trip. We had a fabulous hotel with a great view of the harbor and Hong Kong Island. (Langham Place Hotel, which I highly recommend). We only stayed 4 days and spent much of that time shopping in the street markets, along with a little big-ticket shopping… cell phones, cameras, and earrings.

My overall impression of Hong Kong is fantastic! This is defiantly one of my top 10 cities. It is a much cleaner city than Shanghai and doesn’t have the same “Red Book” feel of Beijing. The Chinese call it “One Government, Two Systems”. Hopefully as the 50 year transition plan ticks away, Mainland China will become more like Hong Kong and not the other way around. Being an ex-British colony, (only ten years have past), it was very easy to negotiate local transportation. Most of the cab drivers (and everyone else) spoke English, and the subway system is top notch.

The photography was a bit challenging at times. Heavy smog and pollution was the order of most days, which made for bright gray & yellow skies. The locals will tell you the pollution is all blown in from the mainland. Whatever the case, it made panoramic landscapes imposable without some creative editing.