Monday, July 17, 2006

My First Post....

Okay so this is my first post... Not only am I gonna have to learn to love typing... I see I'm going to have to get a new keyboard. My "N" key is quickly dying!

So, not much to read yet, but I think I'm going to give this a real shot. I really think if I can get the whole look and feel of the page right, I might just stick with it. Ohh.. BTW, I really like the "Black" page template Blogger offers, but I wanted to have my info column on the left, so I re-learned a little HTML tonight.

Okay more to come. Guess my next post will be "Born a poor black child" Hmm. wonder if I can still say black child? Geez. words and phrases are so under attack. But not here. This is my blog God Damn it! Ahhh - that felt good. Yea, I will definitely get into the whole "word thing" I future post. God I have so much to say.. Aren't you glad you tuned in!